Investigation of Radio Spectrum usage Pattern in Ile-Ife, Nigeria using GNU Radio and Universal Software Radio Peripheral

Keywords: Spectrum Occupancy, USRP, GNU Radio, Cognitive Radio, Spectrum Sensing


Dynamic spectrum access has been widely accepted as the panacea to the problem of unprecedented demand for radio frequency spectrum. In this study, spectrum occupancy measurements were carried out to assess the usage of the frequency spectrum and the viability of implementing dynamic spectrum access through cognitive radio in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. The measurements covered six frequency bands: 88 MHz to 108 MHz, 400 MHz to 850 MHz, 840 MHz to 980 MHz, 850 MHz to 1300 MHz, 1300 MHz to 1750 MHz and 1700 MHz to 1900 MHz bands. The outcome of the study shows that a massive amount of the radio frequency spectrum in Ile-Ife has a low level of utilization. The results indicate that cognitive radio applications can be deployed effectively in Ile-Ife and the vicinity.


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